This App-ifying Music Tutorial introduces the numerous ways a mobile device can be used to create, manipulate and compose with sound. This tutorial is intended for anyone who is interested in composing with mobile devices, and particularly for music educators who wish to introduce mobile apps into their teaching.

Apps can be a powerful and intuitive way of learning complex concepts like granular synthesis and generative music. The apps included in this tutorial offer hands-on, engaging ways of generating and manipulating sounds, visualising musical processes, and approaching musical composition in new and contrasting ways.

Apps have been categorised into sound-sampling apps, note-sequencing apps and sound-synthesis apps. Links are provided to individual websites for apps (click on the app name), and for downloading the app through the iTunes Store (click on the £ sign).

To use this tutorial you will need access to a mobile device like an iPad or smartphone.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial, and we welcome any feedback. To contact the Pet Sounds team please email Professor Gascia Ouzounian at gascia.ouzounian [at]

With thanks to John D’Arcy for compiling and creating this tutorial.